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Aesthetic Dental Implant Centre – Our Philosophy

The Aesthetic Dental Implant Centre is based on a partnership that has been established for a number of years. This partnership consists of our consultant surgeon and a team of specialist dentists and technicians. This team has a broad experience in providing the best in dental implantology. The Aesthetic Dental Implant Centre formalises this partnership and we hope this web site will act as a data source for all of our patients.

Our aim is to provide a professional service in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Our philosophy is to bring together all of the individual skills of our team to give the best possible result for our patients. We will discuss openly your options for correcting your problem and this may or may not involve the use of dental implants. Usually however by the time patients visit one of our combined implant clinics they have researched options and will usually have discussed these with their dentist. Dental Implants do offer a versatile and longstanding solution to most problems that patients express when they have lost teeth. These can range from appearance, problems with chewing to loss of confidence in day to day interaction.

Our clinicians are all highly skilled and trained in dental implantology and we believe our team approach has a number of advantages which we feel benefits us and our patients.

The treatment of patients with Dental Implants is split into two phases.

The first is the Surgical Phase when the implant(s) are placed in the jaw and the second is the Restorative phase when the crowns, bridges or prosthetics complete the treatment to provide the finished new tooth or teeth.

Both of these phases benefit from a clear understanding in all of our clinicians of what can be achieved and how this is best done. In particular the patients, and the team, are able to benefit from the specific expertise of each team member.

Many dental implants can be placed and restored simply. Some implants with more teeth or when there have been many years between tooth extraction and implant placement can require more advanced techniques to achieve good and successful results. Our team, because of the nature of its make up and our background have particular skills in these more complicated cases.

Our restorative team have all completed Master Degrees (MSc) in Dental Implantology and our surgery is led by Mr Nick Grew a Consultant in Oral and Maxillofacial and Head and Neck Surgery.