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Advantages of Dental Implants

Implants avoid the preparation and damage to adjacent teeth that is needed for conventional crowns or bridges.

When conventional bridges are used to replace a missing tooth the adjacent teeth often have to be cut down to prepare them for the bridge. This removes healthy tooth substance and can shorten the life of these initially healthy teeth. Because dental implants provide an artificial root this preparation of adjacent teeth doesn’t need to happen and the new crown or bridge can be fitted directly onto the implant.

  1. Bone Maintenance
  2. Increased Confidence
  3. Improved Aesthetics and Facial Contour
  4. Long term success

Bone Maintenance

When teeth are removed there is a tendency for the bone at that site in the jaw to recede. This is because the bone and the tooth create a functional unit that has supported the tooth as it erupted into the mouth and has continued to support the tooth whilst it was in function. When the tooth has been removed this no longer occurs and the bone is lost. A dental implant in part restores this functional unit by reloading the bone with chewing forces and continues to maintain the bone in a similar way to the natural tooth root. When bridges are placed and dentures used then this bone loading is not present and bone can continue to be lost. In the case of dentures bone loss can in some cases be accelerated. Loss of bone can affect both the appearance of the new teeth and the options for replacement in the future.

Increased Confidence

Many patients who have lost teeth lose confidence with the day to day activities which they once took for granted. There activities can range from an inability to enjoy foods that were previously a pleasure. This may be due to discomfort or difficulty when chewing or because of embarrassing experiences with false teeth when dining with friends or relatives. Patients may have found that they stifle their smile and avoid showing their teeth. This can make them self conscious of gaps which show if they smile or laugh.

Dental implants address these problems by either giving a base for new fixed crowns or bridges or by using a modified type of denture which locks onto the implants in the jaw but is removable by the patient. These solutions address all of these problems by providing a replacement for missing teeth which is stable or completely fixed like natural teeth. This means that eating, taking, smiling and laughing can continue with completely restored confidence and a great improvement in quality of life.

Improved Aesthetics and Facial Contour

One of the effects of tooth and bone loss is the change in support for the lips and face. This leads to an aging of the face as the lips and cheeks collapse without the support provided by the natural teeth and supporting bone. Dental implants can help correct this and provide a foundation for new crowns, bridges or prosthesis that can restore the balance of the lips and face and reverse this premature aging.

The implant itself, because it acts as an artificial root, can give a normal and healthy gum appearance around replacement teeth. This can’t be achieved with conventional techniques because there is no method to maintain bone and gum in this site without a dental implant or natural tooth root. Without these the gum and bone then continue to recede or shrink losing the natural healthy look of the gum and the supporting bone.

Long term success

Dental implants have long term success rate of over a 95%. They should, if cared for correctly, last as long as natural teeth.

Over the last 30 years many thousands of implants have been placed worldwide. The implants we use predominantly are designed and manufactured by Straumann Ltd. Straumann is a global leader in dental implantology and the company prides itself on its history of pioneering and continued development in dental implantology. This then allows us to deliver the best possible care for our patients.