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General Considerations

  1. Am I suitable for dental implants?
  2. How long will treatment take?

Am I suitable for dental implants?

There are few absolute reasons why patients would be unsuitable for dental implants and there are no higher age limitations on placement of implants. In the young adult we would avoid implant placement until we are sure growth has stopped.

Obviously your general health and the health of your mouth will need to be assessed but there are relatively few medical conditions that would make a patient unsuitable for dental implants.

If your basic oral and dental health is poor then this would need to be corrected prior to implant placement. Persistent or active gum disease or dental infection would compromise the long-term success of your treatment and this would need to be dealt with as part of your treatment plan. Previous gum disease can mean that less bone is available for implant placement but this can be corrected and allow very successful implant reconstruction.

Heavy smoking generally reduces blood flow to the gum and bone of the jaws. This delays healing and reduces the ability of the tissues to maintain their health and fight infection. Heavy smoking may mean that you are unsuitable for implants or some of the more advanced implant techniques.

How long will my treatment take?

You will see that there are many different options to allow patients to successfully have implants. If patients need additional procedures other than placing implants in sound bone the treatment will be longer. On average however treatment from your implant placement to finish can be from as little as 4 weeks for a single implant and up to 6 months or more in complicated multiple implants with additional procedures such as bone grafting.

We will be able to give you an accurate idea of treatment time when you are seen for your consultation.