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Your Consultation

What will happen at my Joint Implant Consultation?

Your consultation will be held at the Wolverhampton Nuffield Hospital where you will be seen by our Consultant Surgeon Mr Grew together with one of our restorative team.

At this consultation we will be able to discuss your aims for treatment and to assess how we can best achieve these aims. We will make an initial assessment of your mouth and jaws as well as your general health. This initial assessment is very straightforward and involves a simple medical history and an examination of your mouth and some plain radiographs of your jaws. This allows us to assess the bone available for implants and other anatomical details relevant to implant placement. Later we will need models of your jaws to make further assessments of your bite.

We will aim to discuss options with you including any non-implant solutions. We will then provide you with a detailed breakdown of your proposed treatment with pricings for the surgical and restorative treatment. This is entirely without obligation and we will try to explain in detail how each part of your treatment will work. We encourage you to ask questions about anything that is unclear.