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How much will it cost?

The cost of your treatment will obviously depend on what treatment you need.

More complex treatment requiring bone grafting, multiple implants or a number of different treatments will of course be more than a single standing implant.

Your initial joint implant consultation is free. At this appointment we will make a detailed analysis of your needs and you will receive a complete, no obligation, estimate of treatment costs to consider at your leisure.

If you have been referred by your general practitioner then you may have x-rays which we can use at this appointment. If you need or don’t have appropriate x-rays then these can be taken at your appointment and there will be a cost payable to the Wolverhampton Nuffield Hospital of around £80.


Both the Wolverhampton Nuffield and our Restorative Team are able to provide interest free finance agreements. Many patients find this very convenient and if you would like further information please ask for details.

Further information

Each patient requires differing amounts of information. In the links tab on the left of this page are a number of sites that will be able to give some answers to your questions if they are not provided here. In particular the Straumann and Association of Dental Implantology links have patient information leaflets which can be downloaded and which can be quite helpful.

If there are specific questions not answered here please contact us so that we can answer your query and hopefully improve the site for others.

Thank You